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Cancer Experts are specialized to help with all types of diagnoses. View profiles to read about their training, experience, and approach to care; and help you choose the right navigator for you.

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The introduction call provides a valuable opportunity for you to meet your Cancer Expert and establish a meaningful connection. During the call, your Cancer Expert will be there to actively listen, understand your needs, and provide the support you deserve. You can also invite a loved one to join the call. We understand the importance of having someone by your side.

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Our Cancer Experts have access to thousands of medical journals and will spend hours researching therapies that you could be eligible for. We’ll digest all the latest science and then relay what we find, and take time to answer all your questions.

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FDA-approved targeted therapies

Biomarkers lead the way

Some of the newest FDA-approved cancer treatments, called targeted therapies, attack just the cancer cells and they can provide significantly improved outcomes and benefits to patients. These targeted therapies work by using your own immune system to attack cancer cells that exhibit specific “biomarkers” the only problem is, these genetic markers are not always present. To find out if your cancer carries the genetic markers you’ll need to get a biomarker test. Our Cancer Experts will help you understand which tests you should ask your doctor to order.

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Once you start your therapy, we’ll be there to check-in and support you. We’ll help you stay on course with your treatment, and keep you abreast of any new developments in Cancer science that could open doors to new treatment options.

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